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Vision, Aims And Values

At Inkersall Primary Academy, our aim is to educate children to be kind, brave and curious - preparing them to shine outside school.



At Inkersall we work together to enable pupils to attain academically, to reach their full potential, and to become responsible citizens. Our values are captured in the school SMART pact, which underpins everything we do.


Under SMART, we:

  • Set out to succeed
  • Make each day count
  • Accelerate progress through independent learning
  • Respect ourselves, our school and the surrounding community
  • Together, we aim high!


The school SMART pact underpins our teaching and learning, and helps to create an environment in which children can become confident, happy citizens. As part of this, SMART is linked to our Class Dojo reward system, with children recognised and rewarded for demonstrating SMART values.